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Cari Campbell-Oberholzer

Don’t forget to always wear your smile to Dance Forever.

2015 Summer Dance Camp

The best beach summer dance camp! Ages 3 + Session 1- July 6th-10th, Session 2- JULY 13th-17th, Session 3- August 17th-21st

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Cari Campbell-Oberholzer

My mom took me to my first dance lesson when I was three years old.
It was a pre-tap class- and I was hooked immediately! I remember
being so excited to dress in my tights and leotard. Like most young
kids my energy was boundless. With the helpful guidance of my
parents I realized that I needed a creative outlet through which
to channel my energy. Dance naturally proved to be the perfect
outlet. Many joyful, dance lesson filled years followed. I
studied with: Dance Academy of Fallbrook, Beech Street Dance,
Performing Arts Civic Light Opera House of San Diego, Creative
Impact Dance Studio, Disneyland Resorts, and with North Idaho College
by way of their wonderful dance program. I completed school with a
Bachelor’s Degree in Business and an Associate’s Degree in Health
Education and Dance. Eventually, I decided it was time to give back
to the world the training I had absorbed throughout my youth and
young adulthood. Now, over a quarter century since that first lesson,
my love for dance is strong as ever. Dance is a tool to develop one’s
spirit and mind through the body. It is my privilege as an instructor
to provide my dancers with an understanding of the body and its
wonderful capabilities and to support them in experiencing the
fullness and the joy dance can bring into life. My philosophy at
Dance Forever Studio seeks to nurture our kinetic natures through
classical dance forms. And whether my dancers wish to try dance out
as a fun and fulfilling extra-curricular activity or they plan to
evolve into accomplished professionals, I approach all classes with
an un-biased, supportive attitude. May everyone “dance forever!”

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Miss Cari


Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion.

Martha Graham