Our Staff

Meet our professional staff. Have confidence in those teaching your little dancer.

2016 Summer Dance Camp

The best beach summer dance camp! Ages 3 + Session 1- July 11th-15th, Session 2- JULY 18th-22nd, Session 3- August 15th-19th

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Our Staff

Dance Forever Studio takes pride in hiring only the very best.  Almost all of our instructors have  been taking dance classes since they were 3 years old.  Dance is not their job but their passion.  Our instructors have danced professionally in studios all over the country and have won many awards competing in national dance competitions.

Meet the Owner

Brenda Lee

GGreetings to all danceforeverstudio.com visitors! My name is Brenda Lee, Dance Forever Studio’s Owner and Artistic Director.

My passion for dance started as a young girl growing up in Hawaii. I took any form of dance that I could and attempted to master even the impossible. I gave it up as an adult to complete school with a Bachelors degree in Business Management and have been in the corporate world in Human Resources for the past 20 years. Having children wouldn’t allow me to stray away from dance. My daughter has been dancing since she was 2 and as she enters into her teens, I couldn’t stay away from the rhinestones, glitter and the free expression of personalities that dance allows. I return now with a different view but a passion that far surpasses being just a “dance mom.” I believe that children should have an outlet to be able to express and communicate through art. Dancing is not only fun but its a great way to express when words aren’t spoken but more so it instills discipline, dedication and a desire to be great! I am ecstatic at the opportunity to nurture the curiousness and pursuit of excellence in your children through dance. Dance like no one is watching and May we all “Dance Forever!”

Thank you all for visiting the site!
Miss Brenda

Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion. – Martha Graham

Bridgette Voros

Iwas born in Hungary. My education was from the Hungarian Dance Academy. The program consisted of 16 years in Jazz and Classical Ballet. After completion of the Hungarian program, I also furthered my studies focusing on Lyrical Ballet, and modern Dance in Bern, Switzerland. When I completed my dance programs I worked in the following performances, dance and choreographed several shows in Budapest, Hungary, worked with different competitive dance teams. I formed a competitive dance team (Pyramid dance group), which resulted in a top 3 national championship. After several years of performances, and shows, I decided to focus on teaching dance. This was accomplished in Budapest, at the Modern Jazz and Ballet academy. I started teaching dance in California 12 years ago at the South Bay Ballet Academy. It was there that I found out that figure skaters were in need of ballet teachers. Since then my focus has been on teaching children to learn dance. I find joy and love in teaching all ages from young children to adults. I try to encourage all my students to keep their love and passion for dance as well as encourage them to learn all forms of it. I look forward to this upcoming season with each and every one of you!

Helena Poindexter

Ibegan dancing at the age of 2 and hasn’t stopped since. She began her training at Lauridsen Ballet Center and performed with their company until the age of 15. She then moved to Boston to train at the Boston Ballet School for a year before being picked to join their professional company the Boston Ballet for 2 years. Helena has also attended summer intensives at danced at the Houston Ballet, School of American Ballet, and Royal Danish Ballet. She has now moved back home to the South Bay to pursue other things such as college and is grateful for the opportunity to teach and share her knowledge of dance. Go Dance Forever!

Laura Thompson

Iam a native of St. Louis who has spent much of her life training in dance and gymnastics. She followed her passion for dance to California, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude with her BA in Dance from California State University of Fullerton. While there, she trained with many well-known dancers and teachers in the Los Angeles area, which allowed her to expand her repertoire of techniques and abilities. After college, she continued to pursue her dance career, traveling to and training in dance meccas such as New York City and Chicago. In 2014, she joined Common Thread Contemporary Dance Company, performing in shows all over St. Louis. Most recently, she shared her love for dance with her students at the St. Louis Ballet School and through the program ‘Dancing with RKDC’. She continues to choreograph and dance throughout the Los Angeles area.

Eboni Simone

Iam a dedicated teacher, choreographer and dancer. For 8 years I have trained dancers of all levels in hop hop and competitions for various groups. I started my passion for dance at a young age and since then have been inspiring youth through my gift of dance. Additionally I have routines and won countless trophies and accolades. I wor diligently to spread the art of dance through programs at various schools and facilities in the greater Los Angeles area. I strive to make dance enjoyable and accessible to youth and teach the fundamentals of life through the art of dance. I am thrilled to have the amazing opportunity to teach and be taught by all of the talented, inspiring students at Dance Forever!