Tap Dance Birthday Party

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2016 Summer Dance Camp

The best beach summer dance camp! Ages 3 + Session 1- July 11th-15th, Session 2- JULY 18th-22nd, Session 3- August 15th-19th

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Tap Dance Birthday Party

What Dance Forever Provides

Private rental of the entire 2500sq ft. dance studio, set/clean up, invitations, name tags, tap fringe skirt dress-up, tap shoes, tables, chairs, tablecloths, plates, cups, napkins, utensils, cake knife, lighter, face painting/make-up, dance games, art/craft- individual fairy wand to be decorated and used while dancing that each child makes themselves (so you don’t need to purchase any party favors) and song of choice- group tap dance lesson with finale show. Plus the birthday child adds their handprint to our ‘Birthday Wall.’

You Bring

Cake, candles, drinks/juice boxes and we suggest you bring a large trash bag for your child’s gifts. Please inform us if you wish to bring additional food.

Party Schedule: Greet guests, tap fringe skirt dress-up, tap shoes, face painting for everyone, arts/crafts, dance games, group ballet dance lesson with finale show, handprint on wall for birthday child and cake.

What To Wear?  Have children come dressed up in dancewear. Leotard, t-shirt/tank top, skirt, leggings, tights. Children should wear their own dance shoes if they have them. No bare socks. Sneakers are ok.

If Child Does NOT Have Dancewear? Come in something comfortable to move in. Cotton shorts/pants and t-shirt. NO jeans please. 

  • Parties are approx. 1 ½ hours (extra time available – $45.00 per ½ hr.)

  • 12 kids included – $17.00 per child after twelve (30 max.)

  • At home service available- hire one of our dance party coordinators for a stress free party!

  • A non-refundable deposit of $49.00 is required to reserve your party

Call now for your free quote (310) 540-6285

In Order to provide you with the best party possible….Please DO NOT arrive more than 10 minutes before your party

Tap Dance Birthday Party Registration Form